About and around the Storchenhof

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    • 09./10.08.2008

      Jens was on the road! In causa …..soccer!!! And this was the result.

      Saturday in Berlin:

      The TV camera in the foreground:

      Sunday in Neustrelitz:

      Thanks to Bergi and her husband who made that possible!!!
    • Pictures from the Storchenhof today.
      First comes Felix, who is paceing off his Storchenhof…:

      while he is watched carefully:

      The foster stork from Groß-Luckow is really getting better and autonomous every day:

      Rani having dinner:

      Jens wanted to set the buzzard free today, but somehow flying doesn´t work …. and now he is sitting on his place again:

      Even the chicken fly on the roofs ……:

      And the back of the aviaries were harled and will be painted in yellow colour tomorrow:

    • Who is he, sitting in the webcam nest!? It´s the stork from Ducherow who seems to feel quite comfortable up there:

      While Felix is hurrying into his stork house. What made him run??? Is it feeding time!?!?):

      Mahal, Kim and Frieder don`t hurry, they pace off along the fence of their enclosure:

      And Jens is building a „runway“ from the entrance of the Storchenhof to the aviaries

    • The roof looks crowded.....any problems? The white spot was all over the place. Wish I could speak German!!!!

      Das Dach sieht sehr besetzt aus .... gibt es Probleme? Der weiße Fleck war überall auf dem Platz. Ich wünschte ich könnte deutsch sprechen!!!
    • Original von Roseanne
      No problem, dear joop, we understand what you are telling us. :) :)

      Yes, sure, but what is the answer??? I think only the branches of the tree maybe make it look 'crowded'!? Possible?
      Ja, natürlich, aber was ist die Antwort??? Ich könnte mir vorstellen, daß nur die Äste eines Baumes es so aussehen lassen, als wäre es so "bevölkert"!? Ist das möglich?
    • Original von jjop
      I just realized that I am looking at the tree branches .... my face is red!!!! Danke!!!!!!!! :D :D

      Well, dearest jjop, thank you for being on alert! After yesterday a fox came to the chicken house and helped himself ......
    • Whats new from the Storchenhof and surrounding? The two little swans started from the village pond and wanted to walk on the street to pay a visit to the Storchenhof….. fortunately people from the village saw them in time and brought them back to their pond:

      where they were already expected:

      to go together for swimming in the pond and eating the bread that was given to them:

      On the Storchenhof the storks are enjoying the day. Here the one from Groß-Luckow:

      Who most likely was wandering, what „Kim“ is doing on the neighbors ground ….:

      And here unmistakably „Felix“ with his conspecifics:

      What is the hedgehog doing there? During the day he sometimes goes to one of the stork houses where he surely finds some fish to enjoy ….:

      Supplement ….supplement….:

      3 storks on the roof. Who are they!? Well one fosterstork from Groß Luckow, one from Ducherow an ….????? Yeah… it´s ….Felix!!!

      here on a single exposure, - Felix on his first excursion to the top of the roof:

    • Yesterday there was again „alarm“ on Papendorf´s main street! Two little swans were (again…) on the way to the Storchenhof ……
      But fortunately they were caught in time and brought back to the village pond

      See you…. we are going to the Storchenhof looking what´s going on there……. (I see Jens car there in the back ….. already!)

      na, maybe better not …….
    • 30 swimming islands for terns Jens built in the last days and weeks. Today he finished:

      Emma experienced something very bad. Yesterday Jens found her wailing in front of the housedoor, injured and Doreen immediately brought her to the vet. She found, that Emma was badly bitten by something and she treated her and gave her antibiotics. Here she is sleeping after coming home:

      But today she is already walking around!
    • Meeting from 26. – 28. of September 2008

      Friday: first evening meeting for dinner and cozy get together in a chinese restaurant:


      The first pleasant surprise of the day, - member of the forum Rolf unexpectedly was standing on the Storchenhof looked at everything and admired the the Fritz preparation

      After lunch together on the Storchenhof they will drive to the Galenbecker See to watch cranes!
      To be continued!
    • Finally here are the photos from the installation of the Webcam:

      Jörg did a great job, thank you very much, Jörg! And of course our thanks also to the fire brigade from Pasewalk who was so helpful!
      Viele Grüße von

      „Man sieht nur mit dem Herzen gut. Das Wesentliche ist für die Augen unsichtbar.“

      Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    • The breeding stork from the webcam nest is such a clever one! Today he came down to the Storchenhof to help himself with quite a fish ...

      After he finally had swallowed it (was not too easy!) he went down to the meadows to look for more food. Such a family need a lot of supply!

      Yuphee, the home for bank swallows which Jens built the other day is taken over by quite a number of bank swallows who eagerly are building there now:

      Viele Grüße von

      „Man sieht nur mit dem Herzen gut. Das Wesentliche ist für die Augen unsichtbar.“

      Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    • Terrible happenings at the Storchenhof in Papendorf last night!

      Around midnight they, an unknown Stork-couple, came and the fight for the nest (or what!?) started. Heavy injured the breeding Stork fell on his offspring as Heidi documented in her posting. He lost lots of blood, also did the female breeding Stork who had disappeared. After the attacker came back the male Stork fled and wasn’t seen again. Most likely both breeding Storks are dead, as Jens mentioned.

      Jens got his aerial ladder in place to save the offspring at least.

      The attackers also killed the newest injured foster stork at the enclosure …

      Now they sit in the nest and feel like the owners.

      A very unusual behavior for middle of June. Breeding season is more or less over, so, what are they after?

      Asking Jens for his opinion he very sad says that the habitat is more and more missing and si they get aggressive. The killed foster stork, which is since 4 days on the Storchenhof after he was hanging for I don’t know how long in an electric fence and finally was saved and brought to the Storchenhof weighing just 1300 g! And now this end … it’s so sad!

      Now the question for the reason arises . Why is the habitat getting smaller and smaller? It’s ‘thanks’ to the regulations of the EU to plant as much corn and rape, no, not for hungry people, but for gasoline! A worldwide abuse of nature. Parts of people not only in Africa, but around the world are getting poorer and poorer and are starving and dying because of hunger and the other part is using food products for … gasoline. Something is going wrong on this wonderful globe!!! Responsible for that are the people who have the saying and just cannot get enough money for themselves,- they haven’t learned anything yet, not at all, that also in their shroud are no pockets,- they also cannot take anything along!

      So why, what for destroy the world, the habitats for peoples and animals??? Only because of the greediness of politicians and some other people. Those are responsible for that. Why are they, why are people so short-sighted???

      Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money.
      Viele Grüße von

      „Man sieht nur mit dem Herzen gut. Das Wesentliche ist für die Augen unsichtbar.“

      Antoine de Saint-Exupéry