....and something else

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    • ....and something else

      Here comes Knut & Co on last Saturday afternoon:

      Here now Knut as we saw him. It was shortly after 2 p.m., at 2.30 p.m. there was feeding time. So Knut was rather restless walking to and fro, but all the time with very friendly pleasant look to his audience:


      Is there finally my lunch coming!?:

      uch that´s wet…..:

      off into the water:

      and out with success:

      And this continued, out ….. and in:

      …… out:

      Isn´t there something in the air???:

      But here is one of Knuts favourite dish ……

      mmmh …. grapes, which Knut really enjoyed:

      Then again into the water:

      More to come???:

      Oh yes, something flew there….:


      And for desert oxtail (or something like that!?) which Knut also ate very slowly and with joy :

      After a round tour to some other animals.

      Brown bear:


      Knuts relatives, who didn´t make a move …. Somewhere must have been ‘Lars’, Knuts father and ‘Tosca’ Knuts mother …..:

      Ernst didn´t have time for us, he was intensively busy with something under the leaves…..

      This meerkat was just standing like this:

      Different kinds of penguins, these ones:

      and these who actually belong to the southpole:

      nice to watch the seals:

      monkeys busy with body care:

      this elefant had fun with the tree:


      And then we went back to Knut, who was sleeping in the meantime:

      lifting once his head ….

      but that was it!

      One thing I can say now out of experience; Knut is really different! He seems to be a very gentle polar bear with a very friendly face and behaviour! And he definitely needs his audience more than I have ever seen with any Zooanimal!