and other birds - for example birds migration

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    • and other birds - for example birds migration

      From BirgitK I got a link (or how can I say!?) where you can see the daily migration of different birds in the Strait of Gibraltar.

      Unfortunately it´s in spanish language … difficult to understand, but somehow it works. And it´s really most fascinating. The migrating birds are watched from different points:

      Alg > I don´t know …..
      Caz > Cazalla
      Fac > Facinas
      Tra > Tarifa

      Every day there is a new entry how many birds from which kind migrated on this very day. Here for example the 26th of August;

      Under the date there is obviously written about the weather, Viento del Este means eastwind (as far as I found out….)

      A few birdnames I hope the translation is right!?

      Aguililla calzada - Booted Eagle
      aguilucho cenizo - Montagu's Harrier
      Aguilucho lagunero - Marsh Harrier
      Aguila-azor perdicera - Bonelli's Eagle
      Aquila pescadora - Osprey
      alimoche común - Egyptian Vulture

      Buitre moteado - Black Vulture
      Busardo ratonero - Buzzard

      Cernícalo primilla - Lesser Kestrel
      Cigueña blanca - Whitestork
      Cigueña negra - Blackstork
      Culebrera - Short-toed Eagle

      gavilán común - Sparrowhawk

      Halcón Abejero - Honey Buzzard
      Halcón borni - Lanner Falcon
      Halcón común - Common Nighthawk
      Halcón de eleonora - Eleonora's Falcon
      Halcón gerifalte - Gyrfalcon
      Halcón peregrine - Peregrine
      Halcón sacre - Saker Falcon

      Milano negro - Black Kite

      Pigargo Europe - White-tailed eagle

      Have fun in watching, - I think it´s just fascinating!!!